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Thursday, November 09, 2017

The Major Issue Underlying All the Other Issues?

You know it's like that "Let them Eat Cake" thing on a Global Scale. Global Wealth Inequality. Maybe it's the major issue underlying all the other issues? Just thinking out loud. Too few Folks own too much $$$. Wealth creates wealth, and it's getting more and more concentrated. 

Check it out: 

1% of the Global Population owns about 50% of the Global Wealth...

10% of the Global Population owns about 90% of the Global Wealth...

And according to the Paradise Papers these wealthy folks/companies are socking away, hiding and hoarding their money. Not only do they don't want to share, they don't want to pay their fair share of taxes either.

Sounds unsustainable, inequitable, unconscionable, I mean, like Totally Fucked Up. Of course, the Filthy Haves also control most of the levers of power in Countries around the Globe. So what to do?

We all need to sit down and talk about this issue!

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