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Vote Blue 2020

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Losing Their Way, Day by Day!

"Now people just get Uglier, and I have no sense of Time..." - B. Dylan

Yeah, this lyric has been ringing in my head the last week or so. As the Patriarchy crumbles, lots of ugly stuff coming out about lots of folks. People are complicated. Capable of the the best and the worst. 

There is no "Normal," just degrees of "Abnormality:"  deviating from the normal or average person. 

What of civility? Respect? Simple Common Decency? Restraint? Grace?

Lots of deviating going on in the world. Sometimes you think, "We have lost our way." But then, if you look at History, it seems to be a long, rambling story of folks losing their way, day by day.

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