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Thursday, November 02, 2017

Hilary Clinton Has Horns?! Why Did She Hide Them? I'm Sure There is an Untapped Voting Bloc for a Woman With Horns!

As I understand it, a Russian Troll factory hi-jacked many of our social media platforms to spread disinformation and chaos during the 2016 election. Fanning the flames. Muddying the waters. Trying to confuse and influence people they targeted as easy to confuse and influence.

Seems there are lots of folks out there easy to confuse and influence. Please see the results of the 2016 election.

Exhibit A:

Damn. I voted for the serious looking Woman with the horns. I wish I would have seen this in my Facebook News Feed. I think I would have even been more enthusiastic voting for her if I knew she had horns and she was taking on "Shirtless Guy." 

I mean, I think I actually sort of kind of prayed for her to win. If you wonder why, please refer to the last 10 months of our current "Grab Them By the Pussy Prez." 

Anyway, no such luck, even though she ended up with 3 million more votes than Shirtless Guy's Guy. Just why the hell Shirtless Guy would be for the GTBTP Prez is anyone's confused and easily influenced guess. 

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