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Thursday, November 30, 2017

I Love My New Mop!

I'm serious. I mean, I'm not a product endorser, but I am a believer...

You think, wouldn't it be great if you heard a voice in the burning bush. Or what if the Red Sea parted in front of you? Or you were touched by the hand of God. Or Aliens abducted you and took you for a little ride. Or your life was filled with Angels or Flying Monkeys, or Little People, etc.

You wait for the big moment that will change your life. But slowly, over time, you begin to realize that's not how it works. Instead, there are all these little things that accumulate, add up, and transform you.

You know things like discovering Questlove's book (see previous 3 posts), or coming across Father John Misty's "Pure Comedy," or Roger Water's "Is This The Life We Really Want," or Lucinda Williams "The Ghosts of Highway 20," or Trader Joe's Vegetarian Chili, or Harbinger Coffee Beans, or a great new pair of Timberland boots (every step counts), a new pair of socks (ditto), a new travel mug, a fresh pair of black Levi's, or a new Diety to worship:  Ganesha! 

Or walking along the lakefront with a little doggie, wearing earbuds, your iPod playing U2's "One Step Closer," and a moment of pure good feeling and connectedness sweeps over you.


Getting a new Mop! Yes. The Tornado Mop! Suddenly your chore is transformed. It doesn't seem like labor at all, no, just pure, unadulterated pleasure. You wield that mop like it's a sword made of Valerian steel. Dirt and grime just disappear. Really. 

Small things have big impact. And a life is transformed.

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