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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I Have Walked with a Zombie!

I think some of us are fascinated by Zombies because we recognize ourselves. Maybe to our own horror. We recognize that pure, unbridled, unquenchable appetite. Driven by hormones, driven by forces in our bodies, in our heads, that we can't control. All that mindless Needing, Wanting, Grasping. Raw, Unwashed Consumers. Consumers of flesh, of life, of blood, of sex.

Scary to see in another, wakes up something in our consciousness that implicates us too in that Zombie Drama. How often have we lived on automatic pilot? Without thought? Pure action, pure motion? Mindless? Without reflection. Without understanding. Without restraint.

Go to any bar or night spot. Watch your fellow human beings fill their bodies with intoxicants. Watch them dumb themselves down, watch them numb themselves, watch them Zombify. Reaching for a certain Oblivion. I have been a Zombie too. I have walked with a Zombie. Haven't you?

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