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Saturday, November 04, 2017

"As a White-Supremacist, Colonialist, Capitalist, Patriarchy Dies..." - Chani Nicholas

You look for "wisdom" where you can find it...

I have a good friend who follows Chani Nicholas religiously. I guess I follow vicariously...

An important week in Astrology! I was looking for some good news this week, and here it is (emphasis added)...

"As white-supremacist, colonialist, capitalist patriarchy dies, the traditions that it has tried to obliterate experience a resurgence. An awakening. A renewal. Every culture on earth has its own systems of healing. Each one of us can dig into our lineages to better understand what kind of magic we might come from. Each one of us can call on the protective forces that we need at any time. Protective forces that look, sound, smell or feel personally resonant for us. We are free to reorganize our own cultural rituals to be more inclusive of ourselves and our communities. We are free to connect to forces that have not been previously named or recorded. We may very well need to reclaim the forces, deities and practices that have been misnamed, misrepresented, and misappropriated." - C. Nicholas

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