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Friday, June 30, 2017

Stupid Burning Questions!

I'm not even gonna "Google" it. Fuck the Oracle. My burning questions will have to just hang in the air, or reside in this blog, like a little cloud of unknowing...

Do Human Beings Enjoy Being Stupid?

Is Being Stupid Entertainment for these Stupid Beings?

Is there some kind of Evolutionary Advantage to Willful Stupidity?

You may be wondering why I am asking these questions. But really?! Come on! And well, I suppose, (as an essentially stupid person would surmise), we already know the answers.

Another thing that I was mulling over yesterday... take alcohol and drug use out of our lives and much of what consumes Human Beings seems so ridiculous!

Think of all the cultural pursuits of the Human Being and subtract  alcohol and drug abuse. Most of what we do day to day would be intolerable.

Those who choose sobriety, (it is a radical choice), find themselves in another land far far away from center of the Human Herd. Sober Strangers in a Strangely Stupefied Land.

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