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Friday, June 23, 2017

A Brutal Bill!

Healthcare in America. What a mess. We are all just one catastrophe from catastrophe! Except, I suppose, the seriously wealthy ones. Of course, even they have to face the grim face of disease, accident, and death.

But if you are wealthy, you can, and will, get the best medical care known to man. And really if you are wealthy why should you possibly give a farthing for anyone else? 

And the party you support really is out to punish anyone not lucky enough to be wealthy. To understand the latest "healthcare bill" you must understand really it's just a "tax-cut for the wealthy."

It punishes everyone not wealthy. Krugman delves into the details here. It's a brutal bill, a brutal way of living & thinking & governing. What of the poor, the children of the poor, the sick, the old, anyone without? 

Eschaton puts it this way: "But Republicans don't think poor people should have health care. They think people who get sick should die if they can't pay for treatment. Sure it's "the free market" (to some degree, nothing in our health care system is really "the free market"), but only in the sense that if you can't pay you don't get to buy the product. Fair enough for Maseratis, but in this case the product is "living."

We are a better country than this, by miles. Wonder when we will all decide to live up to our own ideals? Universal, single-payer healthcare anyone?

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