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Saturday, June 03, 2017

A Secret Garden

We all need a secret garden. A private space, to get away from the hubbub and hurly-burly. I am really good at exiting the day to day; with music, books, long walks, grand and fabulous thought-trains.

Lately, in my musical space, I have been spending obsessive amounts of time close-listening to Joy Division, based in Manchester, England, 1976-1980. Three records - the two full studio releases Unknown Pleasures, and Closer, as well as a collection of singles & b-sides released in 1988.

Of course, I've also read books by Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner and Debbie Curtis. And seen the fabulous movie 24 Hour Party People. So I am well-steeped in the myths and realities of Manchester, the death of Ian Curtis, the growing legend of his band.

The music stands on it's own. And it pays to close-listen. I never grow tired of listening. The music continues to intrigue and haunt me. It's dark, moody, atmospheric, important. For sure.  I do believe the band never made a false move artistically. They were doomed and fated to a short window to make music, but the music they made is truly extraordinary.  As their brilliant, mad-man Producer Martin Hannett called it: "adult gothic music."

Joy Division's records exist in a special place. A secret garden. Hermetically-sealed off from the rest of the world, sort of like brilliant, monochrome butterflies captured and preserved under glass.

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