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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Easy to Be Engulfed in Flame Too!

I get the impression, from my lonely outpost, that the crazy, trapped rat, is gonna do something crazy. He will burn down the house. He realizes that he's under investigation, and he knows he's guilty as sin. The White House is crawling with lawyers. The lawyers are lawyering up too. It's complicated. And we are watching a meltdown of epic proportions. And a more crazed, disloyal, disreputable, less honorable or decent crew you could not imagine. Even pirates and thieves have more integrity. Honor among thieves, don't you know.

But if you are an ignorant bully, who has bullied his way through life, all his life, without ever having to face the consequences, well, when the consequences come knocking at your door, all hell will break loose. We are getting to that all hell breaking loose phase. It came quickly, amazingly. But now we are here. No idea where the hell this goes. The crazed rat is capable of pretty much anything. I suppose he could end up backing down, going easy, pretending that really, really he is a winner, not a loser, but then again, he is so ignorant it's not unimaginable that he sets himself on fire right before our very eyes.

Anyone too close to the empty suit better look out... easy to be engulfed in flame too...

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