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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Glued to the TV!

Most people have real jobs, more important things to do with their lives.

We all have heard that sitting around watching Cable TV all day  will turn your mind to mush. Yes, indeed. It's true!

“Alone in the White House in recent days, President Trump — frustrated and defiant — has been spoiling for a fight, according to his confidants and associates. Glued even more than usual to the cable news shows that blare from the televisions in his private living quarters, or from the 60-inch flat screen he had installed in his cramped study off the Oval Office, he has fumed about ‘fake news.’ Trump has seethed as his agenda has stalled in Congress and the courts. He has chafed against the pleas for caution from his lawyers and political advisers, tweeting whatever he wants, whenever he wants.”

Fake News. Not fake. Ha! Malevolent Floundering Moron Writ Large!

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