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Saturday, June 10, 2017

But really, I mean, hell, well, god help us all...

A musical interlude...

This last week I listened to Black Sabbath's first album, recorded in 1970, once each morning. It has been my soundtrack for the "Comey Week," the week when it was confirmed that our 45th President is under a Counter Intelligence Investigation as well as a Criminal Investigation. Exciting times.

For some reason Ozzie Osbourne has been my guiding voice & light this week. I have never been a Black Sabbath fan. When I was a youngster, Black Sabbath was the band for the "bad" kids, you know those kids who always wore black, took Quaaludes , ate glass, tortured cats and opened pop bottles with their teeth. I was always a bit scared of those kids, kept my distance. I stuck to the Beatles and the Stones. The heaviest I ever got was listening to Led Zeppelin. Seemed like a better wavelength to ride.

Funny. I recently bought Sabbath's debut album at the used CD store. I now think it's absolutely fantastic. It speaks to me in ways I never thought possible. And it seems right for these dark times. Of course the band is phenomenal, great heavy guitar, a solid drums/bass combo, a bit of blues, a bit of jazz, a bit of that dark druggy, heavy r&r thing that seems just so, so right. The record holds together. All these many years (47 years) later. Classic. 

And I love in the title song where Ozzie calls out "Oh no, no, please God help me." That line totally resonates with me on so many levels. I have been saying the same thing this week. Ozzie far back in the mists of time, reaching forward to touch me now. And yes, I too think, "God help me."

But really, I mean, hell, well, god help us all...

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