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Saturday, May 20, 2017

That's the Best Part!

Death by a million leaks. Cuts. Big and small. Let's think about this... a word of advice.

Don't run for office, the highest office in the land, if you have "things" to hide. If for instance, you run a corrupt business empire and do lots of shady deals with lots of shady characters. There is a good possibility that will turn out to be a major liability in your new job.

Don't take a job you are totally unsuited, unqualified and unprepared for... it's a losing proposition.

Don't secretly, and not so secretly, play patty cakes with a "hostile foreign power." In the long run, it will not play well for you.

Don't label the National Press Corps the "enemy of the people." Not exactly smart. 

Don't piss off the International Intelligence Community, the Spooks who know all the secrets and can record just about any conversation anywhere in the world. 

Don't humiliate a respected FBI Director. Might give the 30,000 members of the FBI a reason to check into your background. Might come back to haunt you.

Don't build up a long track record of lying in public, in speeches, and on Twitter. You are leaving a massive record of your incessant inability to tell the truth which may come in handy for later political discussions, and in legal proceedings.

Don't trample on the good people of good old USA. Not a good idea to belittle and outrage Women, Minorities, Immigrants, etc.

Don't hire a team of incompetent folks who have  no clue how to do their jobs. Don't surround yourself with assholes, lackeys, boot-lickers. And at the same time don't scream at them, harangue them, undercut and humiliate them every time (which is often), something inevitably goes wrong. Not a good way to build a loyal team.

Don't hire your family members. Check out the history books, it's a typical Authoritarian/Dictator thing, and it's not a winning hand.

Don't conduct a massive coverup right before everyone's eyes. If you are so inept, and a great example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect (see previous post), in action, your attempts at the coverup will be so lame and transparent, every sentiment being on the planet will know what you are trying to pull off. It won't work. 

If you decide to plow ahead anyway, well... you will have opened the Gates of Hell and  Certain Retribution. It will be a marvelous, awesome, and horrifying spectacle.  And of course, you will only have yourself to blame!

That's the best part.

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