Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Destruction of a Man!

To be honest, I never thought the guy who is President now, could be President. Didn't seem possible. Couldn't imagine it. It was so obvious the man was not up to the job. When he accidentally won, (accidentally voted in by all those accidentally mindless Republican voters), I was flabbergasted. 

And I imagined all kinds of dire things with him in office. Funny. It's actually so much worse than I could imagine. The man is a menace, to our country, our dignity, to our global image around the world.

And he is setting himself on fire right before our very eyes. Full meltdown. There is not a shred of sense or intelligence, or self-respect in the man. He is pure malevolent Id. A big, hopeless, slobbering Baby Man. 

The forces of the law are coming down on this poor sad-sack of a human being. I suppose that it will be interesting spectacle to witness. He will be taken apart piece by piece by the rule of law, and those loyal to truth, justice and the American Way.

You wonder if he will have any clue about what is to happen to him? He seems like a drowning man, flailing, flapping, raging, sinking in the deepest flaming waters of a new hell of his own making. He is so unaware of anything  beyond his own thick skull, his own raging emotions.

It would be sort of a sad thing to see. If you could have a shred of sympathy for such a clueless individual.  But of course, he's also malevolent, mendacious, despicable. A loud, obnoxious, bully. He will have earned every last indignity that will most assuredly fall upon is sorry head.

I couldn't have imagined all of this unrolling so quickly, it is all beyond imagining. An awesome, terrifying thing to witness. A destruction of a man.

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