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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

A tale of an Idiot, told by a mad posse of Methed-Up Monkeys!

We are watching an American President in free-fall. It has happened before, but the juicy details of this episode are truly, unique & awe-inspiring. Stunning, really. A masterful story. Improbable. Impossible too. You wonder if are there a Million Methed-Up monkeys wildly typing out the story into MacBooks somewhere out there in the vast hinterlands.

A tale of an Idiot, a tale of sound and fury, told by a mad posse of Methed-Up Monkeys. You have to hand it to them, they know how to spin a yarn. Every day, just about every hour of every day, another juicy bit. Some of us are feeding off of this like the Crazed Political Junkies that we have always been. It's been a long drought since the Nixon glory years.

The Crazy Ones have been chattering. And all their crazy chatter seems to be coming to fruition. Freaky. Cool. Just hope the Little Baby Man doesn't do something really, extra-horrifying. Most of the damage and mayhem has been self-generated and self-directed. We are watching an American President in free-fall. And as he falls, hurtling to the grand pit of doom, he douses himself with gasoline, and sets himself on fire. Aflame!

What a shit-show! You could not make this up yourself. Hat tip to the mad posse of Methed-Up Monkeys! 

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