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Thursday, May 25, 2017

2 Stepford-Like Dark Angels of Doom, 1 Noxious, Toxic Circus Clown, 1 Pope

When I first heard about this meeting of significant figures, I thought: "Ok. I'm sure it's very un-Pope-like, and super-unlikely, but can't Pope Francis just turn and throttle that stupid, little, baby-man? Give him a total Pope-like ass-whipping? That would be so cool."

This is a good Pope. He is always talking about how we should take care of those less fortunate, he is concerned about "climate change," and argues it's imperative that we take care of our planet. He took his name from Saint Francis, famous for being nice to kids and animals, and living humbly, and simply.

So yes, as Popes go, he's a pretty good one, and pretty much the "anti" to everything the Noxious Clown represents. A little throttling would have been in order. And don't you just imagine if the Pope did start beating down that Noxious Clown, those two dark-angel, Stepford-Wife, Valkeries would have joined in too? You know they actually, secretly hate the man.

I see flying hair, sharpened fingernails digging into soft, doughy flesh, stiletto heels kicking at that deeply dim, hard-headed Buffoon.

Who would reprimand the Pope? I mean, half the planet, (at least), would cheer him on. Wouldn't it just be so sweet to see that Petulant, Little Baby-Man get his fat ass kicked to Kingdom Come? And you know one well-placed punch and that Noxious Bully would start wailing like a new-born.

And doesn't it look like the Pope has just been informed, (right before the photo was snapped), that his beloved dog has just been executed on the steps of the Vatican? Talk about existential angst. Being Pope is not a dinner party.

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