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Saturday, May 06, 2017

Jesus in America Pt. 22


Jesus in America, what's a Poor Lonely Pilgrim to do? All this chatter about "pre-existing conditions," makes one's little head spin. Let's look at the bigger picture. You know, there's always a bigger picture. Isn't Life a pre-existing condition? Isn't Death a pre-existing condition? 

Every little bouncing baby born into this storm-tossed existence is doomed to die, get sick, be disfigured. To be scarred, poked, prodded, cut, broken, beaten up and beaten down. Every breath we take we are closer to oblivion. A certain death. We are made of bacterial germs that keep us alive and  conspire to destroy us.

There is danger around every corner. Any moment is an accident waiting to happen. Our bodies are swimming in cancer cells. Our bodies are a battleground. Expect mayhem. How many diseases can strike us down? An uncounted number. Their names are Legion.

So yes, we are all fallible and malleable and mortal. And weak and susceptible to all kinds of noxious shit. We are all in it together. Makes sense that we'd all want to take care of each other. Make sure we all had the best healthcare available to keep everyone of us happy and healthy for a reasonable lifetime. 

The rich help the poor, the healthy help the sick. We are the same. Human Beings. We all live, get sick, get well, spin out, succeed, fail, fall down, stand up. This is simple. We take care of each other. Anything else is just stupidity, madness, selfishness.

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