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Sunday, May 07, 2017

Jesus in America Pt. 23

Everything will be revealed...

Revelation. You expect it. Wait for it. Pray for it. Search for it. 

That moment when it will all comes into focus. "The scales have fallen from from my eyes." The cloud of unknowing is blown to distant islands.

You see yourself as some kind of Mystic Private Eye always on the case.  Yes, you expect that "Aha" moment around every corner. Insight. Second Sight. Epiphany. That moment when all is transformed.

Everything perfect and in it's right place. 

You are a Searcher. A Wonderer. A Wanderer. And you Believe that there is Secret Knowledge. And you will figure it out! Maybe it's a state of Enlightenment. Maybe it's when you start talking in tongues and pull off your human suit and actually become the Holy Ghost. 

Or a Bodhisattva. Or a Holy One. A Sacred Being.

You betray your arrogance. Your hubris. You are just a Lonely Pilgrim on the Long Lonely Road. There is You. There is the Road. That's it. Once in a great while you are filled with joy, good feeling, and you feel connected to everything in the Universe. You feel Love. All Love.

But those moments are rare. And they never linger. Still, you have had a glimpse of what some call the Eternal. Yes. You. Have.

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