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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What to See, What to Believe

We see what we want to see. And believe what we want to believe. We are biased. If there are facts out there in the world, sometimes they are elusive. Sometimes not. Sometimes you trip over a fact. Or run into one. And then you must adjust. But many of us have no problem riding along with our biases. We all can live a life in a bubble of our own making.

Many of us realize if you repeat a lie often, and with conviction and volume, there are many folks who will go right along with you, who will want to believe, even if it's a poorly made thing. 

Something simple like a fact, isn't really all that simple. Right? What if we can't agree on the truth, on what really exists? There are perceptions, biases, opinions, hopes, dreams, delusions, bad faith, bad blood. Mix it all together and well, who knows what kind of cocktail you come up with.

A society, a country, a culture that has a slippery grasp on what is... yeah, more of a fun house, a hall of mirrors. No wonder we are all so confused, unhappy, in conflict. We can't agree on what to agree on.

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