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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Not Normal!

Can it be? Can it fly? Can a man, a big, blustery man, get up on the national stage, and blatantly, brazenly lie over and over? And get away with it?

I am impressed by the over-the-top audacity of guy lying thru his teeth in front of millions of people. He knows, that we know, that he knows that he is lying. And he does it with no shame or embarrassment. That is pretty amazing, sort of impressive, and probably some kind of pathology.

Not normal! That quality, that ability has probably worked pretty well for him in the real estate biz. Bully the contractors, bully the debtors, bully the naysayers, bully everyone long and hard enough and you win.

This is a controlled experiment. Will we let the bullshit float? Will we elevate the bullshit artist? There seem to be some folks who have no problem with this guy. Either they actually believe all the lies this man tells, (and then they are fools), or they just don't care (then they are knaves), and/or they give the guy points for being so over the top brazen (then they are fools and knaves).

Funny. The rest of us? We should hoot this man off the stage into some kind of rehab or long-term seclusion.

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