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Friday, September 02, 2016

"The Light of Consciousness Will Permeate All Aspects of Our Being."

I always have considered myself one of the "Children of the Sun." I always saw myself, on a California beach, with my surfboard, long hair flowing, tanned, happy, carefree, waiting for the next big wave.

I have been to the beach, actually don't like all that sand. I have never surfed, I am sort of a klutz and I'm pretty sure I'd probably damage myself. I do have long hair, but it really doesn't flow. I don't tan. I burn, blister, stroke. Too much sun for me is courting skin cancer. Lately the sun seems so intense, so bright, so hot. I always wear hats, long-sleeved shirts, sunglasses, and lots of sunblock. I'm sometimes happy, once in a while care free. If the next big wave comes, I will watch it from my post in the shade.

Still, I do identify with the "Children of the Sun" - "the person represented by the Sun has become a source of light, embodying the qualities of wisdom and spirituality. S/He is no longer just a mirror, like the Moon which reflects the Sun's light without being able to radiate light or warmth itself. S/He has found the ultimate source of inner light. S/He radiates divine wisdom and love upon the whole world, infusing it with the light of transformation.

Something new and transformational is being ripened in all of human- kind, just as fruit is ripened through a chemical process caused by the Sun's warm rays. The birth of a »New Humanity« requires the completion of a process described in the old alchemical texts. The Phoenix burns, only to arise from the ashes a new, magnificent bird, and fly into the open sky. The light of consciousness will permeate all aspects of our being."

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