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Monday, September 26, 2016

Blame it on the Mirror Neurons!

Blame it on the "mirror neurons."  Some of us are very susceptible to the feelings, thoughts, and vibes of others. We are big, walking, talking, thinking mirrors. So the world we see, the environment we live in, the people and things we interact with, help define what we think, see, feel.

And we are either adapting to, encompassing, embracing, or recoiling from, pulling back, welcoming in, or beating a hasty retreat.

Maybe that's not so surprising. Some of us are more sensitive, more susceptible than others. Don't really know if this is some kind of advantage, a positive trait to have, or a distinct disadvantage, a handicap.

I do know it means down-time, quiet-time, time away from others, from the constant stream of chatter is essential. Some of us really need to be careful who we hang around with, where we live, where we go, the places we choose to frequent.

We must choose wisely. We are mirrors. Reflecting. 

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