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Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Superstar of Assholes!

Josh Marshall isn't a psychiatrist, or psychologist. He's a political blogger, but you know, I love how he has been willing to dwell on the mind of Trump. A dangerous, scary place to dwell. This little post on the "Fever Within" is quite good. Marshall's explanation of Trump is that he lives in a "psychic economy of aggression and domination." Probably so. If I were to sum the man up, I would say Trump is just a major-league asshole.

Hilary Clinton is running a campaign for President. Trump is not. He is displaying his asshole-dom to America and daring us all to vote him in to office. Who knows, maybe it works? Hard to believe, but stranger things have happened.  Maybe lots of people have given up on politics? And the hard work of working together. Seems there are plenty of folks who live in a post-truth, post-hope, post-fact, post-reason world.

There are lots of ill-informed, pissed off people in our country. And maybe the dominating male is a default go-to? The Reality TV guy puts on a pretty good show. He is loud & proud. I can't stand the man. Really, really despise this guy. Do not want to spend the next 4 years with him on the national scene. Cannot imagine it.

How far can the asshole go? We shall find out!

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  1. Jane Goodall's take is insightful too http://thehill.com/blogs/in-the-know/in-the-know/296460-jane-goodall-compares-trump-debate-style-to-chimpanzees


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