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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Jupiter is in the House!

Do I believe in Astrology? I think: "Why Not?" I mean, I have a good friend who pretty much runs their life by the stars, and this person is cool and beautiful and inspiring, and I do like all the imagery, and the mythology, and I do like to imagine there is a higher purpose, and that the stars are not just "twinkles in the nothingness."

I take Astrology as one grand metaphor. A poetic way to view the Universe. Not a science, but well, what the hell. I do like all that hocus-pocus. 

Someone did a Astrological Chart for me awhile back. I am Libra with Libra Rising. Lots of Libra there. Air of Air. Which if you know me sounds about right. Too much air makes the baby go blind! So Jupiter is entering my house... look for beauty, balance and bounty! I am ready, baby!

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