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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Handsome Family Tuesday!

My Lovely Companion and I ventured out to Rennie Sparks art opening last night. Rennie's first ever art show, hosted by Aron Packer. Rennie's art is kicky, cool, funky, lively, shimmering, colorful, lots of slithering, slippery beings: snakes, octopi, worms, frogs. Plus there was a vitrine featuring cat's whiskers, and there were some cool old dog food cans that formed an unlikely, improbable sculpture. And don't forget the custom Telecasters painted, and transformed, think: EelCaster!

It was all so cool and inspiring.

Plus we stood 3 feet way as the Rennie & Brett performed a short set as the Handsome Family. One of the all-time great shows. For sure. Afterwards we got to meet them and told them how much their music and art has inspired us too.

It was a pretty eventful Tuesday night...

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