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Saturday, September 03, 2016

The Herd is Getting Larger & Wider!

It is noticeable. I mean, if you have been around for a decade or two, or more, you notice that your fellow Americans are getting big. Really big. Super-sized.

They super-sized the fast food, and the folks eating that super-sized fast food super-sized too. And some times being super-sized isn't all that good for you. My fellow Americans are fat. Or if that sounds harsh, my fellow Americans are obese.

I mean, you can still go to places in this land where everyone seems slim, happy, beautiful - go to Manhattan, or Silverlake, or the Magnificent Mile, Nashville, Austin and you will see folks who "watch what they eat," and "work on their abs." But go to the heartland, hang out at the mall, drive through the streets of strip malls and franchises, and well, it's pretty obvious, the herd is getting large, and wide.


More food, more calories, less activity. More intake, less burning. You will get fat. For sure. That late, great writer Jim Harrison, once said that the heartland is really the only place where over-eating is considered a heroic act. Almost an Olympic sport. You don't get a medal, but you get pounds, lots and lots of pounds!

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  1. It's all those damn taco trucks, Jim!

    Hey, saw your skinniness standing and staring south on Chicago Ave-- checking out the growing herd?


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