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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Is that How it Happens?

Is that how it happens? 

Playing my electric guitar thru an old amp in our rehearsal studio. It's one of those old two-prong, tube amps. I guess, not grounded. I'm playing electric guitar, and I reach my hand out and adjust my microphone. And a little blast of electricity courses thru me. Not a big blast, just a little rippling stream of electricity. I don't freak out, don't feel pain, don't really react in any overt way, except, there is this little thought bubble in my head: "Wow, that's electricity!" 

I finish the session, make sure not to touch the microphone. Turn off the amp. Put my electric guitar in it's case. I tell my friend about the little event. They remark: "That's why they call those old-time amps, 'Widow-Makers.'"

And I think: Is that how it happens?

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