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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Live There...

Sun is shining.
It's Sunday.

Long weekend.

You can almost forget the mayhem, almost.
Best to concentrate on the little things.

Taking care.
Being safe.
Dreaming of better days.

Sometimes you really need to micro-focus.
Don't look too far ahead, or too far behind.

Moments make up our lives.
Best to live there, in the micro-stream of moments.

The a.m. soundtrack - Nick Cave & Warren Ellis' "White Lunar" (2009). Mostly instrumental tracks. One of the great collaborative teams. Haunting. Beautiful. Movie music, film scores, a rag-tag collection of work. Lots of gorgeous violin from Warren, lots of beautiful piano from Nick. Together Cave & Ellis are an amazingly prodigious creative powerhouse. I just love all the work they have done separately and together over many different projects. This one really resonates. It drifts and drives. Challenges you with beauty.

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