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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Is that Too Much to Ask?!

The killing of unarmed black folks has got to stop.

Killer cops.
Rage in the streets.

It is a sad, tragic, unjust, immoral, disheartening reality.

Life in America, 2020.

Of course, no one in authority (for instance our toxic, idiot President), should be "fanning the flames" of violence.

It feels like we are collectively spinning out.

There must a reckoning, a healing, a renewal.

You wonder, are we, as human beings, smart enough, empathetic enough, responsible enough to do the necessary work to learn to live together? Can let go the old prejudices? And work towards a more perfect union?

Can we create a world where every being is treated with respect, care and love? Is that too much to ask?

No one speaks to this topic better than the Rapper Killer Mike. This is from last night, it
is passionate, heart-felt, heart-breaking, must-watch TV. Watch and weep for the loss of life, watch and weep for the soul of our country. We must reach down deep and do so much better...

The a.m. soundtrack - The Handsome Family's "Singing Bones"  (2003). - A unique and satisfying record. An uncommon collaboration. The duo: Brett and Rennie Sparks. Brett has an incredible voice, a full baritone, operatic. Rennie is an amazing lyricist, she tells dark and amazing stories. Gothic. "Far from Any Road" was used as the theme song for True Detective's first season. It's haunting, gorgeous, it really set the tone for the series. The whole record is a deep, moody, acoustic trip. Gothic American. Makes me think of Flannery O'Connor, Herman Melville, Mark Twain, Edgar Allen Poe, Nathanial Hawthorne. Old American & wise. Dark, strange, haunting.

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