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Saturday, April 08, 2017

There is a war going on inside of us.

There is a war going on inside of us. Every day. A war. A battle of thoughts, feelings, emotions, desires. And don't forget the bacteria. The war of bacteria in our guts.

We aren't what we really think we are... 

"The human body is made up of 10 trillion cells governed by about 23,000 genes; the microorganisms that reside within it, mainly in the digestive tract, account for 100 trillion cells and about 3 million genes—we're mightily outnumbered in our own innards. This gut microbiota, as they're collectively known, doesn't present a unified front, though: Its constituent species compete for resources, and you may be seeing the results of those skirmishes every time you step on the scale."

One day up. One day down. One day mobile. One day flat on our back. A battle. A war. Inside.

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