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Monday, April 24, 2017

Jesus in America Pt. 11

Jesus in America believes in Evolution...

I'm guessing. 

If I were Jesus in America, I would tell you, if you doubted the theory of Evolution, to look at the Human Being. Watch how it starts as a little Sperm that meets an Egg. And how they join together and create a New Thing. And watch how that new thing basically goes thru the all the stages of Evolution, on a small scale - a big ball of cells, a scary reptilian phase, gills slits, etc.

Every baby born is an example of Evolution in Action. Plus of course, just open your freaking eyes. Look at the live beings that surround us on this planet. The number, the variety, the similarities of all the living things. Life.

Speaking of which. We are a pretty amazing species. We can build a spaceship that travels billions of miles away from the Earth, that can take pictures of our little planet.  Like this photo for instance from NASA's Cassini Spacecraft. Mind-blowing. That little shining dot seen thru the Rings of Saturn is our little home. A billion miles away!

Pretty amazing. The immensities of Time and Space and Distance just take your breath away. Dwell on it for a bit and you can just feel an Existential Crisis building up deep in your Solar Plexus. But at the same time, you think, "Wow, it's pretty impressive that those Scientists are smart and clever enough to create a Spacecraft that could shoot this photo! Pretty good."

Still, you then remember that we just elected a total Freaking Idiot to run our government in good old USA. And Human Beings are also expert at unleashing unbelievable horrors upon each other. And our History on that little shining dot includes lots of mindless B.S. and countless Wars and cruelties and stupidities on a massive, Species-Wide Scale. And we are destroying that beautiful little planet by our over-use of fossil-fuels, and we are killing the ecosystem that supports our meager existence and destroying forests, melting ice, disappearing all the other species that co-exist with us at a record rate. You think: "How freaking stupid we must be." Pretty impressive.

Jesus in America! Help! It's the Duality of the Human Thing!

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