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Monday, April 03, 2017

Eureka & Bullseye!

Ok. Sometimes you learn something new. The new info hits you right between the eyes. Instant understanding! The veil is lifted. Eureka & Bullseye!

That's my reaction to Clint Watts - Former U.S. Army, FBI. He comes on a bit like "Just the facts Ma'm," Joe Friday.

Watts explains how the Russian Disinformation Campaign worked in the 2016 election. It seems obvious now. So obvious that you never quite saw it. Putin and his online Bots were helped tremendously by one of the major candidates in the race, both in the primaries, and the general election, who gladly and enthusiastically help spread their false narratives. 

That's how you kill Democracy. One false story at a time. If you don't like the truth of the facts, push your own. You need a willing Dupe. Any story you don't like claim "Fake News," while you are pushing false info yourself. The Little Baby Man fit the profile perfectly. A willing Dupe. We all thought he was a total idiot, and, of course, he was, but at the same time he was a valuable asset in Putin's disinformation campaign.

I watched this interview on Meet the Press and found myself saying things like: "Yes. Of course. Why didn't I see that? No kidding. Sure. Yep. Holy Shite. That explains a lot. WTF?!"

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