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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Jesus in America Pt. 12

"I talk to the wind..." - King Crimson

Jesus in America was on the bike-path yesterday. Pedaling furiously. Sort of Mad Max Fury Road style. No cat. No earbuds. No shirt. It was warm and sunny yesterday, but not that warm and sunny. Jesus in America looked a little "lobster out of his shell."

He was talking. To the wind. Shouting actually. I have never seen Jesus in America so animated - furious pedaling, loud speaking, wild gesturing.

It was not English. Not Spanish. Sort of sounded a bit like Old World Gibberish. Could have been some Ancient, dead language. Or, of course, a very good possibility, it could have been that Jesus in America was Speaking in Tongues.

It sounded like a one-sided conversation. A rant. A speech. A sermon? That would be a Jesus in America thing, right?!

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