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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Jesus in America Pt. 9

The Whores of Babylon...

Harvard Business School. The Best and The Brightest. The "made folks." And just what have they been teaching their fine, upstanding students in that prestigious Business School over the last 40 years or so? We are all Whores in Babylon!

Harvard teaches its students that “we’re all whores.” Continuing his train of logic, he writes: “If everybody assumes you’re a whore, you might as well grab as much money as possible while you’re still in demand.”

“The money got too good.”

So Jesus in America (both of them), should be at Harvard washing the feet of the Professors, the Students, the Consultants.  That would be a very Jesus thing to do - washing the feet of Whores. 

Seems those Jamaican Rastafarians were right from the start. Those spliff-smoking, Dread-lock-wearing, Reggae-thumping, Rastas had it figured out. Bob Marley. Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, Bunny Wailer, etc.

This is Babylon. And we are all Whores. Chasing the Gold. Maximizing the Profits. It's the only thing we know, the bottom line ethic that fuels this Capitalistic Utopia. Oh yeah, special bonus: it's killing our lovely planet-wide ecosystem too. 

Explains "So much trouble in the World." Jesus in America turns his lonely eyes to Bunny Wailer. Oh Bunny! Jesus in America weeps. 

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