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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Jesus in America Pt. 5

The Day After the Day After 2017.

Once you start this game it's hard to stop. No Jesus in America sighting yesterday, but, of course that means I spent the day wondering where he could be, what could he be doing? I spent the day speculating, fantasizing. 

I know he's out there. Doing something.

I did spend some time thinking about Jesus in America's hair. He has lots of hair. It's unkempt. Uncared for. Seems Jesus in America isn't into shampoo or conditioner. No 100 brushes every night for this Jesus.

He is not a "bald-headed" Jesus.  Bunny Wailer is on the money. Seems there is no bald-recessive gene in Jesus in America's matrilineal line. Hair. Plenty of it.

It's sort like a Brillo-pad. Tough. Spiky. I'm pretty sure that with a little attention and determination Jesus in a America could sport some pretty epic Dreadlocks. 

I think Jesus in America is an Immigrant. No surprise. I mean, aren't we all? I'm thinking he could be from just about anywhere: Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, Mexico, anything Middle Eastern or Central American. Could be from Africa, even Asia. Who knows?

Hell, now that I think of it, it's a good bet that Jesus in America is an illegal immigrant. An alien. Maybe got in on a student visa or something, over-stayed his welcome, fell through the cracks, living on the edge in the shadow world of American Capitalism. Black Market Jesus!

Let's just say there is a little spice in Jesus in America's genetic bouillabaisse. He is sort of a Heinz 57 kind of guy. A little bit of this and that. He could be anybody. He could be everybody.

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