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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Jesus in America Pt 6

Just another Wednesday 2017

I must admit I'm stuck on this Jesus in America thing. It's my new mantra. I say it with a bit of a Southern twang: "Gee-Zuss N 'Merica!"

Calms me. Mellows me out. There is a subtle power in that little mantra.

I suppose, I could just as easily replace Jesus with Krishna, Mohammad, Buddha, Dali Lama, Zeus, Apollo, The White Goddess, the Lord of Light, or some other random God or Holy Entity, but no, it's Jesus. Must be all that Judaeo-Christian tutoring. Those Nuns did a superb job - tattooed Jesus and the Bible into my cell structure forever and ever, Amen.

No getting away from it. So I've kind of adapted my own thing with it. What does it all mean? Don't rightly know.

No Jesus in America sighting yesterday. But... I... know... he's... out... there! 

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