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Thursday, April 06, 2017

Job Posting. Seeking: Right-Wing, Loudmouth, Political Blowhard!

Bill O' Reilly. Why does this man still have a job?

Is "Right-Wing, Loudmouth, Political Blowhard" that difficult of a job to fill? I mean I have seen the man huff and puff on-camera over issues of the day, and it's not very impressive. 

He worked for Roger Ailes at Fox News, until Ailes stepped down after a long career of bad behavior. What is it with these Rich, White, Privileged, Right-Wing, Men? Do they think $ and Power gives them the right to demean & disrespect Women? Just a perk of the job?

Kind of makes me ashamed and embarrassed for my Gender. 

And what about Fox News? Not only a shitty source of News, basically the GOP's disinformation Network, but seems like it has been run like a quasi-criminal entity. And what of the people who worked for these Creeps? The Accountants, the Lawyers, Co-Workers, the Human Resources people? Did they all just look the other way? How can they live with themselves?

We can thank Gretchen Carlson for being the first Woman to call out this corruption. She was smart and brave enough to backup her claims with secret recordings on her Smart Phone. Without the recordings she probably would have been dismissed and discredited. She had the goods and started this whole thing to teeter.

So anyway, back to my question - "Why does this man still have a job?" Of course, we know why. $$$. O'Reilly generated lots of $$$ for the company. But sorry that's just isn't good enough. Actually it's kind of disgusting. 

Lots of Advertisers are now pulling ads from his show.  Hope it continues. This man should be shown the door. I am amazed he can get up, put on a suit, get in front of a camera and talk to the world. The man should be ashamed of himself. 

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