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Vote Blue 2020

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The Idiot God-King is an Idiot, But Not a God, Nor a King!

Our  Little Baby Man President, no, I mean, The Idiot God-King, has decided that he can Pardon himself from the consequences of any crimes he may have committed, either before becoming the Idiot God-King, or during his brief, tumultuous, and completely disgusting and demoralizing tenure.

I think we have entered the "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" phase of our Constitutional Crisis. This is a stress test. Do we live in a Democracy? Do we honor a Constitution? Do we live under the rule of law? Can we agree that "No man is above the law?"

I suppose we will find out.

You wonder what his crack legal team is whispering in The Idiot God-King's ear. You wonder if finally it has dawned on the Idiot that the walls are closing in and there is no escape. You wonder how this is all going to roll out. You wonder what you are going to have for lunch. Lots of wondering.

I do think The Idiot God-King has a false belief in his own omniscience, his own unlimited power, his own self-righteousness. Will he burn his Kingdom down to save his own ass? I do think he will try. Of course, he is an Idiot. So things will get more ridiculous by the day. There will be the dawning of the day that the Idiot God-King realizes that yes, indeed, he is an Idiot, but no, indeed, he is neither a God, nor a King. Just a common criminal who will need to account for his crimes, his sins, his follies, just like all the other folks. OK. Maybe he will never come to this realization. He is an Idiot God-King in his own mind. And he may be a prisoner of his own Idiot-ness until the grave. But the rest of us (most of us) will see the light of day. We will understand how low this man has sunk. There will be a Day of Reckoning. The High Flown Idiot God-King will crash and burn. Gravity. It's a bitch.

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