Vote Blue 2020

Vote Blue 2020

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Absolute Evil Shit.

If I am in agreement with former First Lady Laura Bush and Mega-Star Oprah Winfrey, I suppose I am not really going out on a limb in expressing my complete revulsion at the current policy of separating children from their parents at the border and shuttling them off to detention camps.

Maybe there are some political issues that are difficult, complicated, need debate, and discussion, but punitively separating children from their parents at the border is not one of them. This is abhorrent, despicable, indefensible... absolute evil shit.

If you need an "explainer" on the issue, be sure to check out this writeup by Dara Lind on Vox: "As a matter of policy, the US government is separating families who seek asylum in the US by crossing the border illegally.
Dozens of parents are being split from their children each day — the children labeled “unaccompanied minors” and sent to government custody or foster care, the parents labeled criminals and sent to jail. Between October 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018, at least 2,700 children have been split from their parents. 1,995 of them were separated over the last six weeks of that window — April 18 to May 31 — indicating that at present, an average of 45 children are being taken from their parents each day. To many critics of the Trump administration, family separation is an unpardonable atrocity. Articles depict children crying themselves to sleep because they don’t know where their parents are; one Honduran man killed himself in a detention cell after his child was taken from him. But the horror can make it hard to wrap your head around the policy."

I do think our Little Baby Man President has now entered the Authoritarian Strongman/Evil Dictator Phase of his Grand Delusion. He obviously does not give a shit about America, or Democracy, he only cares about Power, and about pissing off Democrats/Liberals, anyone who doesn't bow down to him. He is drinking from the same Toxic/Noxious Koolaid as North Korea's Rocket Man and Russia's Little Pootie Poot Poot.

And it is working. I mean, I am totally, completely pissed off. I haven't  felt this much bone-deep disgust and revulsion on an issue since Bush's Torture Regime, and his blatant Lying us into a War on false info. Ripping children from their families is just so basically inhumane. The mind reels.

And the Republican Party just follows their Dear Leader, no questions asked. What a collective group of Shills, Vile Lackeys, and Contemptible Cowards. Those who lie, deflect, and obfuscate this atrocity are just compounding the atrocity. Really. These folks enabling Little Baby Man's Grand Delusion are an abomination, a scourge, a plague. I call upon the Gods and all Good-Thinking Folks in the land to banish these suckers from our realm. How do we do it? First, call them out for their evilness, be relentless, and then, vote the assholes out en masse!  I put a curse on each and every one of them. 

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