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Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Moment and Movement of Life.

You are always looking for those moments of inspiration, transcendence; the big things, like a bolt of lightening, the Voice of God, the floor dropping out from under you, to reveal a new way of living,  a new reality, a plain of understanding and insight, but, most of your life is filled with the little, incremental things, a good meal, a restful sleep, taking a step; one step after another step until you find yourself in a new place, a place slightly different from the last place. Motion. Energy. Clear-seeing. Curiosity. Questioning. The belief in the next thing, the next moment. A belief in the goodness of being alive. Being a friend to yourself, being open to the flow, the ever-changing stream of life, that sometimes seems static, totally unchanging, sort of boring. The boringness is just a failure to see, a failure to recognize the magnificence of the moment. The moment and movement of life.

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