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Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Moving, Shimmering, Blazing.

Yesterday. Another day. Another long bike ride on the lakefront. It was cool to ride the wave of energy. So much life. Everything moving, shimmering, blazing. In the stream, and also outside of it. Experiencing everything, but at the same time watching, observing, reflecting. A double-existence. I rode with a friend. We rode to new destinations. Made some new discoveries. The motion itself was good. Movement for movement's sake. Life. Being alive. It's a beautiful thing. You get it all. There are those moments where everything is right, everything seems to be in it's right place. So many strands, trails, so many people just churning, breathing, living. No attachment. Everything just flying by. In the stream, outside of the stream, carried along by the stream. In control of very little. Hands on the wheel, or hands off the wheel? Finally you have these hands, this bike, these eyes, these thoughts. Everything. Nothing still.

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