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Thursday, May 03, 2018

"Stupid Russian Watergate" with a Side Helping of "Stormy!"

Woodward & Berstein watching Richard Nixon Implode on National TV 1973.

Some of us are calling our current Constitutional Crisis, "Stupid Russian Watergate." So many resonances with the Watergate Scandal in the early 70's. Corrupt and Venal President, facing down the Department of Justice, Committing Crimes, Covering Up Crimes, Intrepid Reporters digging for the Truth. The Truth bringing a Powerful Man Down.

Of course, "Stupid Russian Watergate" is the stupid iteration of the narrative. Nixon was a smart, crafty, seasoned Politician, with a tight-knit team (Haldeman, Erlichman), around him, willing to take a bullet for the man. Little Baby Man... not so much. Think a fool, a clown, a blustering fat man, who has spent most of his adult years bullshitting everyone within earshot, surrounded by craven, boot-lickers with no loyalty or integrity, just obsequious toadies, looking to scam some $.

This time around we have major crimes and misdemeanors in a couple of key areas: Money Laundering, Conspiring to Defraud the USA, Conspiring with a Hostile Foreign Power, Being an Agent of Influence with a Hostile Foreign Power, Seeking Assistance from the Hostile Foreign Power to Sway/Steal an Election.


Major Campaign Violations: Paying Hush Money to a Porn Star (and no doubt other women too), to prevent the truth to be known before an election. Whoo Boy! "Stupid Russian Watergate" has it's own "Stormy" subplot.  I'd say Little Baby Man is in a heap of trouble. Let it come down!

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