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Friday, May 04, 2018

An Unfair Fight...

Beware the loud man pounding the table. Beware the man spinning wild tales, and cover stories. Beware the man who can't keep his stories straight from day to day. Beware the over the top 24/7 PR strategy. It is a cloud of unknowing. A dark, confounding, smoke-screen. It is not intended to enlighten you. Only to distract, confuse, and befuddle.

Pay attention to the quiet man. The man working slowly, meticulously, seriously. Gathering facts one by one. The one with the law, and a mountain of facts on his side.  The quiet man is doing the good work. And he won't be swayed by the PR, the buzz, the bullshit.

There is a war going on. But it is an unfair fight. A fight on two totally different levels. If you are a smart observer you won't let the tale of "sound and fury" overwhelm your senses. There are some cold, hard facts to be gleaned. There is a story to be told; complex, many characters, lots of differing motivations, but at the core, it is simple; greed, hubris, bad acts, irresponsible, reprehensible behavior, and when all comes out in the light of day, things will be clear.

And then the reckoning, the healing, can begin.

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