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Saturday, October 15, 2016

"There's always that guy that things happen to."

I play guitar and sing in a band called whitewolfsonicprincess. Think: Neo-Psychedelic Folk-Rock. Luckily, I am one of the founders of the band. If I were a hired hand, I think I would have been canned long ago.

As one of the other band members has said, "There's always that guy that things happen to." Unfortunately, I am that guy. I have decided to do a little exorcism. I will list all my little mishaps on stage with this fledgling little band. And by listing the mishaps, hopefully, I clear the energy, and give myself a clean start. That's the idea. 

So here we go:

I have broken strings (often), I have forgotten songs (in the middle of the song), I have played in the wrong key, I have played out of tune, I have misplaced capos (2 of them, one of them was in my pocket, how did it vanish?), I have played the wrong song and the wrong time, I have kicked cables (over and over again, you'd I'd figure a way not to do it!) I have lost my place on the fretboard, I have played songs too fast, too slow, in a completely new way, totally surprising the rest of the band. I continue to find new ways to screw up. 

Hopefully, I will finally exhaust all the ways you can go wrong, and then in that way find the right path... hopefully...

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