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Sunday, October 30, 2016

My Wounded Country!

Just an unfiltered, in the moment thought-stream this morning...

We are wounded. The People of the United States. We live in tumultuous times. We are a nation of winners and losers. And some of the winners used to be losers, some of the losers used to be winners. And The People are turning on each other. What happens when The People turn on each other? What happens to Democracy?

There is Humiliation in the land. Emasculation. That John Wayne, "Red River," America is a long ago myth. I mean, for sure, it was a myth when it first surfaced, but it had a resonance with much of America back in the 40's, 50's & 60's, but it is for sure and completely dead and buried now. There are no fish in that Red River. There are no John Waynes anymore. 

We are all suffering from PSTD. Think of the stream of events: 9/11. Katrina. Iraq War. Afghan War. Financial Meltdown. The Walmart-ization of the Land. Nothing is made in America anymore. Everything is made of plastic. Everything is "throw-away."

And White ones turn on the Black Ones. And the Brown and Red ones turn on the White and Black Ones. Everyone turning on everyone else. And there are differing ideas of what all those big ideas that we supposedly all believe in really mean.

For some "multiculturalism" & "diversity" are dirty words. There are differing ideas of Justice. Life. Liberty. Freedom. We are a wounded nation. A nation pulling apart. What happens? What happens to Democracy? What happens to The People?

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