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Saturday, December 25, 2004

The Soundtrack

Yesterday, Christmas Eve: family, food, and music. For me, ultimately it's all about 'the soundtrack.' On the trip out: The Best of the Ronettes, featuring the young Wizard Producer: Phil Spector (now a pathetic, drug-addled old man charged with murder). Ronnie Spector and the girls light up the night with echo-laden, 'wall of sound,' operas about 'breaking up, making up' and 'going steady.'

On the ride back, John Lennon's 'Rock and Roll.' This is an album he made to resolve a copyright dispute. He reaches back to the music that inspired him as a young lad: Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Phil Spector (Spector and Lennon worked together on a couple of albums). Supposedly, Spector once pulled a gun on Lennon in the studio. Who says rock and roll doesn't matter? It's great to hear Lennon sing songs like 'Stand by Me;' he is in fine voice throughout, but of course, Lennon singing Lennon is so much more 'transcendent.'

Anyway, home late, up early, snow is slowly floating down past my window, looking forward to Dim Sum and a movie. Merry Christmas.

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