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Thursday, December 09, 2004

The Golden Chair

Yesterday everything changed after my little meditation. My internet connection mysteriously went down; I tried everything, rebooted the computer, rebooted the modem, turned the modem off, took the cables out, put them back in, all the necessary troubleshooting tasks. Nothing helped. So, completely frustrated out of my gourd, I decided to take a break, I sat in one of our 'golden chairs,' and meditated for awhile. I did the usual 'visualizations,' cleared my space, grounded out the 'dark energy,' -- guilt, pain, frustration --- let go all the usual human dreck. About a half hour later, I came back and 'presto chango,' my connection was back. Now, I'm not saying one thing necessarily led to the other, does life go like this - A happens, B happens, C happens - or like this - A happens, which makes B happen, which makes C happen - or everything just happens simultaneously - ABC happens? Whatever, I don't know. BUT, meditating sure seemed like the right thing to do, and afterwards everything seemed to have a certain flow. So, I'll take it as a little positive lesson. When in doubt, meditate -- better than medicate!

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