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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Is that a Fork in the Road?

Since I'm on vacation, I'm trying to do things differently; sleep in a little longer, put on music (Ray Charles, John Lennon, Drive By Truckers) a little earlier, let my beard grow, sort of loll about in the kitchen, sipping coffee, reading the newspaper (by the way, most of the news is bad).

Last night, I went to Peter Jones Gallery and played music with one of the actors from the 'Goodbar,' show. I enjoyed it, but I'm beginning to suspect that playing music, 'starting the band,' is a diversion from my mission, which is really writing and performing 'theater' pieces. Two nights ago, Carla and I watched, 'Backbeat,' a great little movie about the early Beatles in Hamburg Germany. There's always been the 'rock and roll dream,' getting a group together, working up a tight set, taking it on the road, etc. but I think I need to be focused. Playing guitar has always been a positive kick, but at this point, I need to channel my creative energies into Black Forest.

'You can have it all...' but, unfortunately, you can't do it all. By focusing on one thing, I, by neccesity, exclude something else. The choice, defines the journey, as in Robert Frost's 'the road not taken.'

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