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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Amateurs

Last night we videotaped the last scenes for the 'Goodbar,' shoot. I looked up and saw that Carla had tears in her eyes as the videotape played out. It was a good, satisfying shoot. It's still an open question how much of the excitement of the live show comes across, but I think we've captured the outline of the beast.

It's the 'group dynamic,' that really makes it all worthwhile. Our actors are committed, creative, uncomplaining. We've had four different shooters on this project, which is a real blending of styles and eyes. I'm looking forward to getting to the editing suite.

I'm into a biography of Charles Laughton (it's an excellent book). Laughton approached his work as an 'amateur,' (the original meaning in French: Lover). Laughton loves the work of an actor, the artist, he is one of the first 'method,' actors --- 'I first feel it in my guts and then I let it pour from my eyes.' I think all great work comes from this pure impulse of love. It's the same for our work on 'Goodbar,' a group of individuals calling on that simple, pure impulse to create something greater than ourselves.

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