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Friday, December 24, 2004

The Gay Desperado

In the business world, I have been 'sharp as a razor,' one step ahead of the game. I chalk this up to my daily meditation, my pursuit of clarity at all times. Sometimes it works beautifully, sometimes (through my own weakness) less so, but lately, I've been riding the wave like a skilled Surfer Boy!

Last night, we watched two classic movies: 'The Old Dark House' (1932) and (this was the real gem) 'The Gay Desperado' (1936). The first featured a young Charles Laughton (I'm in the midst of a biography on Laughton and I'm doing my homework). 'Dark House,' is a quirky, horror movie directed by James Whale (Director of 'Frankenstein,' and 'The Bride of Frankenstein'). Laughton plays a loud, sad, Scotsman, he's in his late twenties, a fat, captivating baby.

'The Gay Desperado,' features a young, beautiful Ida Lupino (a tough little spitfire) who encounters, the 'Gay One,' a Mexican opera singer who has been captured by a group of Mexican Bandidos and is employed as their opera-singing mascot. Ida calls him an 'imitation bandido,' he falls in love with her, tells her that he 'must follow his heart,' that he can't express what he feels in words, no, 'he must sing.'

At key moments, the Gay Desperado sings opera, and the Bandidos, the Federales, and everyone within earshot are captivated. The Mexican Bandidos have been watching American Gangster movies which have adversely affected them. It takes the example of the Gay Desperado to show them the error of their ways. They must 'follow their hearts,' and return to the happy, carefree life of being a Mexican Bandido. What a great, quirky, silly, hilarious, beautifully shot film. It's directed by Rouben Mamoullian. I must 'follow my heart,' and seek out more of his work. I too am an 'Imitation Bandido!'

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